Good News For Mt Dora Residents Seeking Custom Sheds

Sheds in Mt Dora, FL

Free Delivery Mt Dora

Here is some good news for Mt Dora residents, searching for custom sheds with a good warranty and free delivery. We at Granny's Premier Buildings offer the best quality custom sheds in Mt Dora and nobody else can match our warranty or free delivery. Why do you not ask other citizens of Mt Dora who procured their custom sheds from us and ask them about the quality of our products and the five years warranty we offer? We challenge you to find any other Mount Dora company that offers such a humongous warranty on their custom sheds. Be wary of Mt Dora companies that offer a better warranty on their custom sheds. You can rest assured that those Mt Dora based companies will never honor their warranty. Read the fine print on their warranty to find out how they fleece customers in Mt Dora.

Shed Warranty 

The warranty that these so-called Mt Dora professionals who sell custom sheds offer has several terms that go against you. Apart from offering a comprehensive 5-year warranty, our Mount Dora based store offers free delivery and setup up to a radius of 50 miles. Our exclusive warranty apart sheds available in our Mount Dora store can withstand winds up to 50mph. We offer a 5-year warranty on craftsmanship. To make things sweeter for Mount Dora residents, we include 30 years warranty on the roof of our custom sheds. Sheds stocked in our Mount Dora shop are bigger than that of our competitors. Where else can you find such benefits? Apart from our mind-boggling warranty, we also offer residents of Mt Dora sheds for rent for as low as $146 per month + Tax.