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Granny's Premier Buildings: Durable And Portable Barn Sheds

July 31, 2018

Barn Sheds in Mt. Dora Storage solutions have evolved alongside our need to be more mobile and practical. At Granny's Premier Buildings, Mt. Dora, we have designed and constructed storage solutions that offer their owners practicality, aesthetic appeal, durability, and storage. Our barn & sheds are one of our most popular building types; they can be used as bards, sheds, offices, or work spaces. They are as adaptable as they are portable and come in wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes. 

The fabulous thing about our barn & sheds is that customers can create their own design or customize one of ours. They come in numerous styles: cottage, garden, lofted, and standard. They are available in virtually any color to compliment the surrounding property. Our barn sheds have superior flooring, sturdy walls, durable exterior weather-proof finishes, and the safest roofing system around. Our barn sheds will be around for as long as our customers need them. 

Barn Sheds Styles and Features in Mt. Dora

Our barn & sheds have a five-year warranty. We have free delivery within 50 miles, in the Mt. Dora area, free set up on the block, including the tie down. We also have financing options available, and our barn sheds are built like a house. Out shed team is made up of contractors, builders, and lumber specialists, and they have been revolutionizing the storage industry for over 30 years. We have rent-to-own options to suit all our customer's payment needs, and we are proud to be serving the Mt. Dora area and making our products in the United States.